Am I Making This Up?

Am I Making This Up?





[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”19″ font_font=”Helvetica” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23191919″]I believe we all have the ability to connect with our angels.

But, one of the biggest questions I get is, “How do I know that I’m not just making up the messages I receive?”

Great question! You certainly don’t want to make major life changes if the guidance you’re receiving isn’t coming from a higher source.

So let me share with you some helpful tips to identify exactly where your message is coming from and I’ll teach you a really cool technique to be sure it’s a message from the Divine.

What is the underlying energy of the message?

Does it feel positive or negative?
Uplifting or heavy?
Loving or fear-based?

Guidance you receive from your angels will always be positive, uplifting and loving in nature.

Remember that the essence of your angels is to support you. So if you’re getting messages that are unsupportive, they aren’t coming from your angels!

Now here’s a great method to make sure it truly is a message from the Divine…

Hold a high vibrational tool while asking the same question, or when tuning into your message

What’s a high vibrational tool, you say? It’s anything with a strong, positive energy such as crystals or flowers.

So hold onto a crystal, or a beautiful blossom, and connect to that message again.

Does it change? Is it harder to hear?

If your message was from your angels the message will remain the same. However, fear-based messages will not be able to come through, so they will change, become harder to hear, etc.

I hope these tips help you to identify the source of your Divine guidance as you continue to build a strong connection with your angels.

May all your dreams come true!

Many blessings,

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